The Commerce Journal

July 22, 2013

Relaxing at America Fest

By Allie Burks
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — I discovered that Denton had a music scene after hearing two Denton bands at The Kessler, so I decided to further witness Denton’s love for art at Bullseye Bikeshop on June 29 for their first ever America Fest.

The festival wasn’t particularly successful and, as far as I gathered, my roommate and I were the only participants who weren’t there to support people we knew, but we still had fun playing soccer and mingling with people in the laid-back atmosphere. A crowd didn’t really form until the third of the four bands took the stage, but it was still a chill place to hangout.

Bullseye Bikeshop is a nifty spot with a backyard perfect for parties and live music. Couches perched on top of a hill in a circle with a beaten-up old piano marks the center of the spacious yard. A wooden stage stood in front of a deteriorating building with a generator off to the side to power the instruments. The entrance tent was set up next to a part of the building graffitied-out with colorful swirls, words, and doodles of faces and monsters.

At the end of the day America Fest was a gathering of local bands and companies and their friends and supporters. Denton-based Zero 96 Brewing Co. was giving free samples and DentonCool sold t-shirt designs. It was refreshing to see a city supporting local business and music.