The Commerce Journal

June 19, 2012

More people to thank for Author's Park

The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — To the editor:

This photo was one of four that appeared in the June 7 issue of the Commerce Journal.

There are several people who help with this project that never get a thank-you, and I would like to point them out to the city and citizens of Commerce, Texas.

 The gazebo will stay decorated in red, white, and blue through July 4 ... then will be decorated with red, green and white lights in November through January 1 for our Christmas Celebration of Lights.

Since for years I have helped decorate the downtown area at Christmas and the gazebo also, I wanted you to know and give my sister, Evonne Verner Richardson, a big “atta girl” because she and Gene Cassleberry are the ones who do this every year and have for the past 10 years. They have never received a thank-you or recognition for all their work from the City of Commerce. It is way overdue.

Gene had a stroke recently and was not able to do this, so he called Evonne to see if she could find someone to help her ... yes,  I am the helper, as well as her grandson, Morgan Grider, who puts up the small flags around the walks.

We all three  do a high-five and congratulate ourselves every time we finish the project. Not many 13-year-old boys are interested in helping their grandmothers undertake a project like this. However, Morgan was initiated to this and tree lighting at a very early age and looks forward to being able to participate every year.

A big ‘atta boy’ to Morgan Grider for always being willing to assist, whether it be placing flags at a cemetery of military graves at 6 a.m. on Memorial Day or decorating the gazebo in the heat, or decorating Christmas trees in the bitter cold.   

Thanks from Aunt Ann and Bobo.


Lavonne Verner Wells