The Commerce Journal

February 3, 2012

Old houses worth saving

Staff Writer
Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — Dear Bob and Sherry Johnson,

I was looking at the Commerce Journal and saw the story about the Bonham Historic District. My uncle and aunt Jack and Iva Lilly owned the house at 1408 Bonham. My aunt was an interior decorator and had an office in Dallas. She did a wonderful job of decorating the place. It was a real showcase. When I visited Commerce in 2007 my heart broke at the way the house deteriorated My grandfater’s house at 2405 Monroe was also in bad shape. That whole trip helped [me] decided never to visit Commerce again. Jack’s Palace Theater was gone and the old part of town looked pretty sad. I guess it is true that you can never really go home again.

This historic district thing is ironic since I am a commissioner on the city of Redondo Beach Restoration. I have been fighting to save old houses in our city. I don’t know how Commerce works, but here in California we have the Mills Act which allows people to deduct some of their restoration expenses from their income tax. I would like to thank and congratulate you for your great work.


Robert DeJernett

Redondo Beach, Cali.

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to last week’s front page article “Bonham Street receives historical district designation.” In the article, Bonham Historical Association President Sherry Johnson was misidentified as simply “the wife.” We aplogize for this error.