The Commerce Journal

October 24, 2013

Commerce needs to vote 'yes' for hospital bond

The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — To the editor:

The Nov. 5 Hospital District Bond issue is critical for those of us in Commerce and the surrounding communities. Lack of emergency care close at hand will greatly impact Commerce, its university students and the continuing growth of industry in the area. On a personal note, we have been very fortunate to have a close facility for medical needs. As we and our community get older, immediate care becomes even more necessary and comforting. Our local hospital has served us well, but has outlived its usefulness. An updated outpatient emergency facility will be a great addition to our area.

The cost of providing such a facility for Commerce and the other issues of the proposition will be low. The additional $18 per $100,000 per assessed valuation per year will certainly be worth it.

Join us in voting “For” the hospital district bond. Early voting began Oct. 21. Vote early or on Nov. 5. We have no guarantee of a local medical facility if the bond does not pass.

Gene and Betty Casselberry