The Commerce Journal

April 30, 2012

Adoption, spaying/neutering answers to overcrowding of no-kill shelters

The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — To the editor:

Weekly I walk several municipal shelters to pull animals that are up for euthanasia. This is a hard job to do, but the rewards are great. Animal Control provides a wonderful service to the community by keeping our streets free of roaming animals. Sad to say there are more animals than space available, so animals have to be put to sleep. Sometimes the animals come in hurt and the most merciful thing is to let them go, but what I want to talk about are those that are viable pets.

A week ago I was doing my usual walk through marking the animals that we would be able to take, and I saw a sight that has haunted me ever since.  While walking down the row of dogs I looked up to see the animal control officer walking a dog back to be put to sleep. The sight was pungent. There was the big man walking with a dog on a lead wagging its tail, because it thought it was getting out of the run. It reminded me that these pets love unconditionally and even on their way to die they are loving us. Some would like to blame animal control for putting the dogs to sleep, but the true culprit in this story is us. Until we require spay/neuter, require pets be kept safely in a fenced yard, and become responsible owners, pets will continue to have to die.

No-kill shelters like ours can only do so much. We have a carrying capacity and can’t save lives if we don’t adopt out the animals we currently have. The quick solution to this problem — spay or neuter your pet. If you are looking for a new pet — adopt, don’t buy. Help us stop the killing of wonderful pets. There are many ways to help; we always need volunteers and funds to keep our doors open. Get involved and become part of the solution.

If you are interested in meeting one of our wonderful pets, you can come to the shelter at 661 CR 4818, Wolfe City or call 903-496-2412 to set an appointment. You can view our available pets at Visit us on facebook. The shelter is open to the public Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-5, or by appointment. We are here to service Hunt and surrounding counties by pulling pets off euthanasia row.

Don’t let those that have died be for nothing. Let’s learn from their death and change. Help us save those that have no hope of getting out alive.

Frank Barchard Memorial Animal Shelter a no-kill shelter committed to saving lives.

Jody McIntier, President

Commerce Humane Association