The Commerce Journal

April 29, 2009

Letters to the editor, April 30, 2009

To the editor:

On behalf of the Commerce Independent School District, I would like to thank the Commerce Schools Educational Enrichment Foundation for the enjoyable time had by all last Saturday night during the Boots and Barbeque Fundraiser. Grant recipients had an opportunity to showcase their students and accomplishments gained through projects funded by the Foundation. Since 2005, the CSEEF has donated over $140,000 to the district through grants to teachers to develop innovative programs that provide opportunities for new approaches to teaching.

Dinner entertainment provided by the Commerce High School Jazz Band was a special treat.

Commerce ISD is extremely grateful to the Foundation for their continued support and commitment to improving the education of our students.


Blake Cooper


Commerce ISD

To the editor:

Have you ever been helped by the Commerce Emergency Corps?

If the E-Corps has helped you or someone you know, the Commerce Emergency Corps needs your help now.

The citizens of Commerce must break up the “good old boy” system in city government. This is the group that has stopped the Commerce Emergency Corps from making calls inside the city of Commerce.

Save the Commerce Emergency Corps by voting against the incumbent City Council members running for re-election.

New council members will vote for the citizens of Commerce first.

Put the citizens of Commerce first and ahead of personal power-brokers.


Jennifer Speight


To the editor:

It is time for the voters of Commerce to wake up!

The City of Commerce is in debt $24-plus million and has a little over $1 million in reserve.

The City Council this past year has had a three-vote clique: Biggerstaff, Hill and Henry. If you don’t think that three people can run the city, watch cable Channel 3 on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

If you watch or attend Council meetings you will quickly notice who comes to the meetings prepared and who is not prepared.

Bob Monday is the only one who is concerned about the financial situation haunting the City of Commerce. He is not in the three-vote clique.

Now is the time to rescue Commerce from financial ruin! Dissolve the three-vote clique! This election is your chance to change the City Council in a positive manner by electing two new members.

I’ve met with both candidates running against the incumbents and have found them to be independent of each other; they are not running as a “ticket”; they are fiscally responsible; and they have the best interests of Commerce at heart.

Vote for a change, and help us change the political face of Commerce. Vote for Tommy Hall and David Hitt.


Michelle Gibbins