The Commerce Journal

December 20, 2011

Last minute equals last place

2011 Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — To the editor,

My heart goes out to you, poor soul.  Your instructors put the term paper parameters and due dates in the syllabus.  You only had 15 weeks to work on it.  Most professors also drop subtle hints during the term to remind you. If you have 4 papers due, and start working on one a week starting week 10, then finals week is not so bad. Of course, I have heard my classmates declare it was absolutly absurd for the instructor to even suggest starting something before the last minute — and of course, weekends were made for more important activities.  

They say that college prepares you for life. The results show. Congress passes emergency legislation on the last day, your car is finished (if you are lucking) 10 minutes before closing, and of course — the mad dash to the post office on April 15th.  

Just barely good enough, is not good enough.  

Wonder why foreign countries are by-passing us?

John Miller

Greenville, TX