The Commerce Journal

April 24, 2013

City council to vote on drive thru beer and liquor store

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — The Commerce City Council will have one month to decide whether it wants to allow a drive thru portion to a new beer and wine distributor opening in Commerce.

Marcus Lewis, owner of Daiquiris To Go on Riverfront Boulevard in Dallas, presented the Commerce Planning and Zoning Commission on April 16 with his plan to put a drive thru on the corner of Live Oak and Washington streets.

“It would only contain a beer or wine,” he said, adding that customers would drive up to the opening and order their drink, then the worker would mix the drink in a styrofoam cup and seal it in a specialized bag and hand it back to the customer.

At first, members of the Planning and Zoning and Commerce Leadership Group objected because of what they thought was the company’s website, which had lewd pictures of women in its advertisement. But it turned out that was for a completely separate business in Dallas.

Jeff Johnson, with Commerce Leadership Group, along with other citizens, were concerned about the traffic hazard that could take place by having a drive thru on a four-way stop.

“It concerns me as a citizen,” Johnson said.

One citizen, Joy Smith, said she objected to the drive thru on moral grounds, stating that she doesn’t believe that people would keep the drinks sealed before getting home.

“Why in the world do we need another liquor store?” She said.

The Planning and Zoning Commission reccommended the city council vote it down at the next Commerce City Council meeting in May.