The Commerce Journal

March 19, 2013

Slow week for University Police Department

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — Other than responding to tires slashed at New Pride Apartments, it was a slow week for the University Police Department (UPD), as most of Texas A&M University-Commerce students were gone last week for Spring Break.

According to Lt. Jason Bone, crime information officer for UPD, responding thefts and traffic violations are the usual infractions his officers deal with.

“That is a good thing, considering we don’t have many assaults,” he said.

With the university growing by 1,000 students the past three years in a row, Bone has been adjusting to the growth by adding more officers and training them for the influx ahead of time.

“We have increased our staff size by one and are looking to increase our vehicle fleet as well,” he said, adding that his officers are being taught crowd control techniqes.

Construction is well underway in Commerce, and Bone said bicyclists need to be more careful when it comes to maneuvering the busy streets.

“Slow down and watch where you’re going,” he said. “A lot of bicyclists just ride right through the crosswalk.”

Bone listed a few instances where cyclists havebeen hit by cars pulling in and out of parking lots and crosswalks, and said all of those instances could have been prevented if more attention was paid.

“Assume the car doesn’t know you’re there,” he said. “Bicyclists have to follow the same rules as cars do.”