The Commerce Journal

March 23, 2013

Cost of trash pickup rises for residents

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — The monthly bill for residential pickup for solid waste is beginning to reflect the increased price of fuel and sanitation wages.

The Commerce City Council approved the request from Mary Miller, with city sanitation, on Tuesday to increase the monthly bill by five to eight percent across the board.

The current residential pickup will go from $12.50 to $13.50 per month due to the increase.

“I regret having to come forward with this request,” she said. “But as you know, things aren’t getting cheaper.”

Miller gave the council a recent example why the company is requesting an increase.

“We had to purchase a new dump truck, and the price was 20 percent more than the last time we purchased one,” she said.

The company had given advance warning that it was going to request the increase.

“I received a letter on March 4 from city sanitation about the request,” Marc Clayton, city manager for Commerce, said, adding that the company detailed the reasons for the request in the letter.

The resolution passed unanimously, with Mayor Pro-tem Richard Hill recusing himself from the vote.