The Commerce Journal

September 30, 2013

A&M-Commerce officer issues citations for underage drinking

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — A few Texas A&M University-Commerce students had their party cut short by a University Police Department officer showed up.

On Sept. 21, an officer was dispatched to the third floor of the Phase II residence hall in response to helping locate an unkown female who was possibly intoxicated.

The officer met with the person who called and was told they had found red cups and soda in the common area of the room she thought the unkown female had walked in.

When the occupant, 20-year-old Elisha Rop, opened the door, the officer said a distinct aroma of alcohol was present.

The officer asked if any of the six people in the room were of age, only two raised their hands.

While the officer spoke to the other residents of the room, he said he could hear Rop rustling glasses around behind the door. The officer told Rop to stand where he could see him. Rop obliged.

After receiving verbal consent to search the room, the officer found numerous bottles of alcoholic beverages concealed inside a backpack under his bed.

Three of the people were allowed to leave after no alcohol was smelled on them.

Rop, Karley Walker and Rickey Gross were all issued citations for consumption of alcohol by a minor.

The officer had Rop pour out the remaining alcohol and dispose of the bottles in the dumpster outside and advised him that the residence hall is a non-alcoholic residence.