The Commerce Journal

May 24, 2013

City Council goes half and half with Planning and Zoning Commission

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — Commerce citizens will be able to order daiquiris, just not to go.

The Commerce City Council sided with the Commerce Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation that a drive-thru permit be denied for the upcoming Daiquiris to Go location on the corner of Washington and Live Oak streets.

Since the location is within the Corridor Zoning District, the business needed to apply for a conditional use permit before attaching a drive-thru to the location.

The business is still allowed to open, but it will do so without a drive-thru.

After being voted down by the Planning and Zoning Commission, Mack Doster’s plans to build a single duplex located at 1704 Culver Street was accepted by the council with a unanimous vote.

Doster needed approval before constructing the duplex in an R-7 zone.

Doster said the new duplex will resemble the duplexes just to the west of the proposed location.

According to Steve Wilson, director of community development for Commerce, the duplex will be constructed with garages and will have rear access from Campbell Street.

“He will improve the alley to allow people to drive down it,” Wilson said.