The Commerce Journal

July 10, 2013

CFD raises record amount for MDA

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — The Commerce Fire Department’s boots were filled to the brim and then some during this year’s “Fill the Boot” campaign.

A record amount of $8,500 was raised this year, $1,500 more than last year’s amount.

A big portion of that came via Commerce Firefighter Gabe Wittkopf’s unique fundraising idea: have Commerce Independent School District schools compete in the fundraising.

“Gabe had a great idea for the school program,” Haley Myers, fundraising coordinator for Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), said. “Working with Gabe and all the guys is very easy.”

Commerce Middle School won the competition, and more than $1,200 was raised by CISD alone.

“To get the community involved is part of the success,” she said. “Hopefully the school can keep going next year.”

Wittkopf said it took community involvement to raise the amount of funds for MDA

“It’s not us, it’s them,” he said. “It was a community effort.”

Myers’ father is a Dallas firefighter who urged her to get involved in helping.

“My dad would always tell me I needed to get involved,” she said.

One of her father’s friends died from ALS, and Myers said that is one of the reasons she is thankful to the firefighters for working with MDA.

“I’m so thankful to the firefighters for all they do. I’m thankful that they keep working with us,” she said. “It was a pleasure.”