The Commerce Journal

February 21, 2013

Commerce prepares to continue road project

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — With the first year in a three-year road project completed, Brian Haynes, with HALFF Engineering presented the Commerce City Council the company’s plans for what years two and three will look like.

A total of two miles worth of roads are included in the $5 million project.

With approximately $1 million coming from Texas A&M University-Commerce as part of its expansion project, many of the roads scheduled to be repaired are adjacent to the university.

Years two and three will fall under three different phases, according to Haynes.

“This will limit the amount of roadways under construction,” he said. “There will be eight to nine months [of construction] per phase.”    

Phase one will include Lee Street, from Bois D’ Ark to Monroe Street; Bois D’ Arc Street, from Lee to Hunt Street; and Monroe Street from north of Greenville Street to Live Oak Street.

Phase two includes Monroe Street from Walnut to Greenville Street, and Stonewall Street from Bryan to Monroe Street.

Three roads are included in phase three of the project. West Neal Street from Culver to Cooper Street; Washington Street from Culver to Maple Street; and Monroe Street from Live Oak to Bonham Street.

Haynes said construction on phase one is scheduled to begin in mid April. Lee and Monroe Street will be the most improved; Lee Street will be widened 25 feet to 33 feet, and Monroe will receive a major overhaul of its storm drains.

Lee, Monroe, Stonewall and West Neal streets will receive bike lanes for students travelling to and from the university.

Two weeks prior to construction, Haynes said mobile message boards will be set up to give citizens advanced notice.

The Texas Water Development Board also contributed approximately $1 million to the project. The remaining $3 million in bonds was approved by Commerce voters in 2008.