The Commerce Journal

July 3, 2013

Officer reminds students to keep possessions locked up

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — The University Police Department was kept busy last week with a string of robberies on the Texas A&M University-Commerce campus.

The first incident occurred when a student left her Dell laptop in a classroom after the class had ended at 2 p.m.

“When the student came back it was gone,” Lt. Jason Bone, crime information officer for the University Police Department, said.

Another theft happened at Lieberman Hall, where a child had put his silver bicycle under the stairwell where he lived. When he came down to ride it a little while later, it was gone.

Bone said the child had only had the bike for two hours before it was stolen.

A student had items from her car stolen at the parking lot of Prairie Crossing

“Someone entered her vehicle and took $20 in cash,” he said. “The officers determined the car was unlocked because there was no sign of forced entry.”

Bone said he isn’t surprised at the thefts because a majority of the thefts are thefts of convenience.

“Most of our thefts are from items left unattended,” he said. “People will walk around looking for an unlocked car and will take anything, even change from the trays.”

The University PD also assisted Commerce PD in a foot chase outside the Commerce Walmart.

“Apparently somebody was shoplifting and took off into the woods,” he said, adding that the officer cut him off before the reached the tree line and the robber “just laid down.”

Bone said that other than residence housing, most thefts occur at the Rayburn Student Center and the Morris Recreation Center.