The Commerce Journal

January 26, 2013

Coach names four football team captains

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — Scott Wells, athletic director and head coach of the Commerce High School football team, elects his team captains different from most teams. Instead of choosing team captains before the football season begins, he elected to have the team vote for the captains after the season is over.

“Anybody can be appointed a leader,” he said. “But not everyone can earn it.”

Demetric Jennings, Isaiah Martinez, Cortez Crosby, and his son, Sam Wells, were elected the four team captains for the 2012 CHS football team. Usually there are two to three captains named, but Wells said there are four this year because the voting was so close.

“More people got votes than any other this year,” he said.

Wells said Jennings was a player who led by example on and off the field.

“He practiced hard every day and played hard every game,” he said. “The team got fired up with him.”

According to Wells, Martinez is the type of person the other players respect and don’t talk back to.

“Martinez is a great Christian kid who can quote Bible verses backwards and forwards,” he said. “He never missed practice. And when he told people to do something, they did it. The buck stops here with him.”

Crosby, the only senior of the group, Wells said was the best overall talent on the team.

“He’s a quiet giant kind of guy,” he said. “Steady leadership, the greatest player on the field and very unselfish.”

Wells had a few good things to say about his son, Sam, as well.

“Sam was our best overall leader as far as leadership traits go,” he said. “He had all the traits needed for a quarter back, including a very team-oriented guy.”

According to Wells, the team’s comradery, coupled with the strong leadership, is why they were bi-district champions.