The Commerce Journal

December 19, 2013

Students keep UPD busy with drug, alcohol arrests

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — A handful of students at Texas A&M University-Commerce chose the wrong way to celebrate the end of the semester as University Police arrested two for possession of marijuana, and another two for consumption of alcohol by a minor.

On Dec. 9, a UPD officer responded to a call of possible drug activity at the Phase II apartments.

When the officer approached the residence, allegedly the odor of burnt marijuana could be smelled coming from the room of 20-year-old A&M-Commerce student Jacoby Thibodeaux.

The officer was given permission to enter the common area of the residence, and according to the report, when asked if he had been smoking marijuana, Thibodeaux responded in the positive and pointed to a plastic tube with a glass bowl on the end under a television in plain sight.

The officer confiscated the bowl and other drug paraphernalia along with less than two ounces of marijuana and placed Thibodeaux under arrest for possession of marijuana and was transported to the Hunt County Criminal Justice Center.

The next day, a UPD officer was called out to the Phase II apartments in response to someone smelling marijuana coming from a room.

According to the report, upon opening the door, the officer said the smell of marijuana could be smelled on the student, 20-year-old Brandon Davis, as he spoke with him.

Three other students were in the room with him, but denied smoking any marijuana.

After receiving verbal consent to search, officers found marijuana in his room and placed Davis under arrest for possession of marijuana.

Davis was transported to the Hunt County Criminal Justice Center and the three other students were issued criminal trespass warnings from the Phase II apartment and parking lot.

On yet another occasion, two students were arrested for consumption of alcohol by a minor at Whitley Hall on Dec. 12.

When arriving, the officer spoke with the resident assistant, who informed him that two teenagers were drinking alcohol in a residence.

The officer went to the room of 18-year-old Jason Bowerman and found a 30 pack of Budweiser in his residence. Bowerman allegedly told the officer he received it from “a friend of a friend bought it for me.”

19-year-old Savannah Hargrove accompanied Bowerman in drinking the alcohol and both were issued citations for consumption of alcohol by a minor. Hargrove was also criminally trespassed from the university and escorted off the premises where she was picked up by her father.