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Scores of issues of the Commerce Journal dating back to 1901 are available in PDF format online thanks to a digitization project by the Commerce Public Library.

Images courtesy of the Advantage Presentation database

The Commerce Public Library is touting the completion of a sizable digitization project with documents dating back more than 100 years.

In October of 2017, the Library received at $22,190 grant from the Ladd and Katherine Hancher Foundation to digitize the library’s complete collection of the Commerce Journal from 1901 to 2015. The library’s microfilm reels of the paper were sent to a company called Advantage Preservation that digitized every film reel, converted each to a printable pdf, and even made the documents keyword searchable. To top it off, the entire database is viewable for free online.

Commerce Public Library Director Nan Clay said that 194 reels of microfilm were sent for the process. She says that this process makes it much more easy to access information.

“The microfilm reader we have is very old, and there is no way to print,” Clay said. “This is so much more convenient.”

Clay says that the library is working to get 2016 and 2017 issues in the database as well, and hopes to added each new issue to the database as it comes out.

Also in the database is historical census forms, as well as issues of the former Commerce Daily Journal and Farm Journal. Clay says that she hopes to add the library’s collection of high school yearbooks to the database in the future.

The database is accessible for free at

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