The Commerce Journal

April 4, 2013

Post numerical addresses in case of fire emergency

By Jack Bernie
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — Many homes (and businesses) in the City of Commerce and our county fire district do not have a numerical address clearly posted on the building or near the street.

This poses a problem for emergency responders and could cause a delay in getting help to you when seconds count. You or someone in your home or business could be disabled by a medical emergency, injury, fire, or confronting an intruder. Your call for help sends emergency responders who might be driving up and down your street trying to locate your house but without clearly posted numbers it’s a process of elimination from those that have numbers!

This is not an expensive problem to solve; numbers in colors that contrast the color of the building should be posted near the front door, or for buildings set back from the street post them on a rural mail box or sign at the driveway entry.


Jack Berni serves as Fire Chief for the Commerce Fire Department.