The Commerce Journal

October 3, 2013

Remembering Tom Clancy

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — Yesterday I found out that Tom Clancy had died at the age of 66 at a hospital in Baltimor, Md.

That was a very sad time because it was through reading Clancy that I grew to love reading and writing.

Especially spy thrillers.

Clancy’s Jack Ryan was part of the old breed of protagonists who had their flaws, but they knew right from wrong and tried to do what was right, unlike many protagonists in modern novels, tv-shows and movies such as the character of Don Draper in Mad Men.

They are well made shows but lack a focal character you can truly root for.

Ryan was someone I felt comfortable rooting for as a good guy.  

Even Clancy’s hard boiled character John Clark, whom I met for the first time in “Rainbow Six”, was still a man of character.

As a child growing up I didn’t read Clancy because his works were for adults, but I did get to watch Hunt for “Red October” and “Clear and Present Danger” with my dad.

Once I saw those movies I knew I had to read his books.

Rainbow Six was my first novel from Clancy I read.

I know I was going out of order, but I couldn’t help myself from picking up and reading that book from cover to cover in a few day’s span.

I read at least 100 pages a day. I couldn’t help but turn the pages of that thriller. I had to find out if the Horizon Corporation’s plan to wipe out much of humanity was going to fail.

After finishing that book I knew I had to keep reading his works.

“The Cardinal of the Kremlin” was my next adventure and was almost equally as engrossing as my previous encounter.

I played his video games, too.

From Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell, to Rainbow Six and H.A.W.X., even his video games are rooted in present-day events and reality.

To pay my tribute to him, I plan on finally getting around to reading all of his Jack Ryan Novels, beginning with “Hunt for Red October” When I Lord willing get back from Air Force Basic Military Training school in December.

Until then, I pray you have a couple of great months in my absence, Commerce.

God bless.