The Commerce Journal

May 15, 2013

Busy week ends with full weekend

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — Wow, it’s been a busy week full of surprises.

If I thought covering the elections May 11 and going to my little brother’s graduation party at our home church in Winnsboro Sunday kept me busy, this week has kicked it into high gear.

There is a lot going on in this town. Mostly good but some sad.

While we gained a new school board member, Michael Beane, who looks promising, we found out we’ll be losing a beloved member of Commerce Independent School District in Julai Robinson in July to the Royse City ISD.

After a long day of work on Monday, I covered a two hour awards assembly (shorter than last year’s three hours) to recognize the academic achievements of Commerce High School students, of which there were plenty of awards to go around. The fact that CHS honored a record number of students who completed five or more Advanced Placement Classes (AP) and members of the National Honors Society (NHS), it begs the question to why Commerce ISD isn’t rated an exemplary district. Methinks a change in the way Texas grades its students is in order.

I got to drive back and forth from our office in Greenville to Commerce on Monday and Tuesday to talk to state champion Buck Wilson about his high school experiences, Commerce City Manager Marc Clayton about the road construction project moving along (on a side note about the construction, students, please quit complaining about the little inconvenience), and I got to interview the (hopefully future state champion softball coach) Jeff Davidson to see how he and his girls are preparing for the series tomorrow.

On top of all that, if you have seen me walking at all this week you could probably have guessed that I have recently joined the C454 Crossfit Gym off of 380 in Greenville since Monday.

And on Tuesday, my friend and his wife had their second child at the Hunt Regional Medical Center in Greenville. It has been a good and busy week, and I get to look forward to a nice relaxing weekend of sleeping in.

Wait, I’m also a member of the Texas Air National Guard; and guess what weekend of the month it is? Drill Weekend.

So it’s Lordwilling off to Ft. Worth Friday afternoon for two days of waking up at 6 a.m. and doing training.

I’m not complaining. I love serving my country and I did pray that God would keep me busy.

Well, time to get back to work.

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