The Commerce Journal

February 19, 2014

Zipping through the trees for a real fun time

By Tumbleweed Smith
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — If you have property in East Texas that has hills and tall trees on it, you could have a zip line.

Billy and Annette Kimbrell have one at Dialville, a small community between Jacksonville and Rusk. It’s called Adrenalin Rush. “We have a total of eight lines,” says Annette. “The highest you’re off the ground is about 50 feet.”

All the lines have names. The first one is “Last Chance.” It’s a short one to let people decide if they want to continue. It starts in a tree and lands on the ground. “We’ve only had three people out of nearly 5,000 that have opted out,” she says. All the others require some vocal energy. “We encourage people to hoot and holler and have a good time.” Line two is called “Woo-Who” and you yell the name of the line as you’re zipping across it. Line three is “Tarzan” where you do your best impression of Tarzan. Line four is “Yabba-Dabba-Doo” or “Doo-Dabba-Yabba.” You’re supposed to shout out the first one if you go forward on the line. If you decide to do the line backwards, you yell “Doo’Dabba-Yabba.”

The fifth line is “Geronimo” and features a contest. “What you’re supposed to do is take a deep breath and say Geronimo and hold the ‘o’ all the way to the end of the 640 feet line. The ones who do it get a pine cone for a trophy.” Number six, 520 feet long, is called “Yee-Haw” and riders in the sky yell out “Yee-Haw.” Number seven is “Home Sweet Home” because it actually brings you back to where you started. “We ‘wee-wee’ all the way home on it.”

The final line, number eight, is 1,700 feet long. “It’s our fast line where you can reach speeds up to 50 miles an hour. It’s called ‘Adrenalin Rush.’” Annette says a lot of people can’t make it, but it’s a lot of fun for those who do it. “It’s a great photo op because you pass over three ponds that have turtles and catfish in them. They are shallow so you can get a good view of the things in the water. Sometimes we feed the catfish so people can see them feeding as they zip over the ponds. Seven of our lines go over water at some point.”

Nearly a mile of cable was used to build the zip line. “We’re considered a low-element zip line,” says Annette. We have hills, not mountains. It’s an easy ride.” Annette and Billy started their business three years ago. After Annette took her daughter to a zip line near Athens, she came home, looked at her property and thought, “we could do that here.” They spent a couple of years planning it and investing heavily in equipment and outside expertise. “It is a lot of fun to see people enjoying it,” says Annette, “but it’s a business for us. This is how we make our living.” They are constantly updating. A building has been added for corporate events, family reunions and other activities.

Adrenalin Rush is open seven days a week, but reservations are required. Contact: or 903 683-6855. Prices range from $50 for five lines to $75 for all eight lines. Group rates are available.

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