The Commerce Journal

May 25, 2013

Skate park would offer safe place for Commerce youth

The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — I currently am the Texas A&M University-Commerce Police Chief and am a long time resident of Commerce, Texas.

For many years I continue to watch our youth searching for areas where they can skate in a safe location, only to find limited areas with many restrictions.

I have been involved with many young adults and their families who have tried for many years to bring additional recreational avenues for our youth without success. Please let me point out that none have been so efficient to have provided a complete action plan for the proposed project.

The Commerce Parks Foundation has done all the behind-the-scene work and is very passionate, professional and determined. I must stress that they have dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s in the research and in the proposal.

Please keep in mind that the skate park would create a safe area for the young people of Commerce to have a place to gather for healthy family activities.

Many of these youth have no other means for exercise or recreation for their desired sport. The park would also allow many opportunities for the community and city to host skating events.

I did take the time as suggested in the proposal to go and look at the skate park in Sulphur Springs and I was very pleased to see the opportunities that it offered their youth.

I believe we owe it to our youth to develop and support environments here in Commerce, to where they can come together to enjoy fun and safe activities.

If you have the ability to contribute financially to this worthy proposal, I believe you will be doing your part to support a dream of many youth of the city of Commerce.

It will keep them off the streets and will place them in a safe recreational environment.

So please take this opportunity to join me in supporting the proposed skatepark for the youth of Commerce.

Donna Spinato serves as the police chief for A&M-Commerce.