The Commerce Journal

June 26, 2014

This is ‘Our Commerce’

By Paul Voss
Chamber of Commerce Director

COMMERCE — Commerce, Texas is a unique community in north east Texas and yet in some ways very typical. Our sense of community is strong even though our demographics are changing every day. The old versus the new and the status quo edging into some unknowns. One thing for sure we are a diverse group of individuals with a multitude of opinions and not afraid to express any of them. The university has brought us students and faculty from all over the world with cultures unknown to most small towns. The diversity should fuel each and every one of us to see the world through other’s eyes. We may not understand what is happening throughout the world, however, we can send a message to the world as to their perception of us. We can influence that idea of who we are, one contact at a time. Our opportunity here in Commerce touches lives and leaves impressions for life.

Our business community here has struggled over the past few years, but there seems to be a ground swell of renewed interest for new business here in our town. Entrepreneurs from all over are calling the Chamber office making inquires about buildings and land for sale or lease. Small businesses are springing up, restaurants are opening, local people are building homes, our community is getting involved. There is commerce going on in Commerce, Texas. We are on the map as a major route to move goods and services from Texas throughout the Midwest and central part of the U.S. Our town is blessed to be near major interstates and access to good rail service while keeping a small town atmosphere. We have a good water supply with natural resources and recreation nearby. Think about promoting Commerce to people from around the country. Commerce is Main Street, Culver, Live Oak and Park. Commerce is Washington Street as well as Bois d’Arc and Bonham Alley. Commerce is Highway 11, 24, 50, 71 and 224. Commerce is Norris, South Suphur, Fairlie, Sonora, Branom, Ridgeway, Cowhill, Neylandville, Campbell, Cumby, Scatterbranch, Horton, Shiloh, Cooper and Klondike. This is “ Our Commerce”.

Take a trip downtown and see our new murals going up on old walls. Get a feel for old Commerce and feel the good coming. Just knowing that in downtown Commerce there is a world-class recording studio run by a local Grammy-winning artist, builds a sense of pride. Drive around and look for the new houses being built by our city and local entrepreneurs. Look at the renovation of homes that now have beautification awards in their front yards. See the new sidewalks going in so pedestrians can walk the streets safely. Be proud of our police force and our firefighters, with state-of-the-art equipment to keep us safe. Take pride in our Children’s Museum and planetarium. See all the new construction and growth at Texas A&M- Commerce. Enjoy our great schools and parks. Visit Cooper Lake and our world class equestrian facilities at Texas A&M-Commerce and Cross Trails Arena. Make “Shop Commerce First and See Commerce First” our motto.

You are Commerce; I am Commerce; We are Commerce.

We at the Chamber of Commerce welcome your ideas and input on how to help Commerce grow and improve. With your help this can really be ”Our Commerce.”