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May 2, 2013

Ivey walks the walk, responds to comments

Journal Editorial Staff
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — When Ryan Ivey was hired as the new athletic director for Texas A&M University-Commerce, President Dan Jones said he was hiring someone who would bring the university back to a nationally-recognized status.

Ivey has put his money where his mouth is.

In his short tenure here, Ivey has not only shown great dedication and pride in the A&M-Commerce system, but has surrounded himself with like-minded people in Head Football Coach Colby Carthel and Assistant Athletic Director Joshua Jorgensen.

Ivey showed his dedication recently by not only hosting nine town hall meetings across the region, but personally responding to the 442 comments citizens had for him.

We are encouraged to see this enthusiasm and vigor for the university and for the city in our AD.

Ivey has made his presence known by talking to current students, alumni and members of the community, including making a presentation to the Commerce City Council about his plans for the future of this program.

There has been more positive buzz about A&M-Commerce Athletics as a whole in the few months he’s been here than the last five combined.

When the men’s and women’s basketball teams were in the playoffs, Ivey could be seen right beside the coaches every step of the way. Ivey knows that it takes a lot more than just talk to turn a program around; it takes presence, presence that Ivey has shown at games and events at the university.

The biggest hurdle Ivey faces will be how his first hire as AD, Carthel, does in his first year as head coach of the football program.

There is still a long hard road ahead for the AD and company, but with a start like this, we hope he can continue leading A&M-Commerce Athletics into a bright future.

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