The Commerce Journal

March 8, 2013

Getting out of spring break alive

By Lt. Jason Bone
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — Spring break should be a time for students to get away from their classes, forget about research papers and have a good time.      

However, in too many cases, their spring break adventures turn into a bad experience.  While the majority of students enjoy spring break without any negative repercussions, others are not so lucky.  

We have all watched television shows that follow college students as they spend a week partying on the beach but what we do not see are the results of the poor choices that are often made.  

The main cause of those poor choices is often alcohol.  Students tend to travel to a warm climate that offers both sun filled beaches and rivers of alcohol.  

Most students are not concerned with safety tips before they head out on their week long adventure; however, safety should be a top priority.  

A safe spring break does not mean a boring spring break.  Students should remember a few tips before they head out for a week of fun.  

When traveling as a group, the group needs to stay together.  Do not allow friends to leave with people they meet, stick together and take care of each other!  

When it comes to drinking students should remember that the body can only process one beer or shot of liquor in an hour.  Any more than that and you will start feeling the symptoms of intoxication.  

Alcohol also causes poor judgment and can lead to injuries or even death.  While we all like to think that nothing bad can happens, many students will spend spring break in the emergency room, receiving treatment for alcohol poisoning.  If someone is experiencing illness due to alcohol, do not leave them.  Stay, monitor them, and if needed, call 911.  Another important tip to remember is to NEVER accept an open beverage from anyone.  

You do not know what is in the drink.  There are many drugs that will dissolve in drinks without leaving any taste.  The guy or girl just met in a drunken hookup may not have good intentions.

If you decide to travel outside of the United States, extra precautions should be taken to ensure safety.  

Research destinations before travel.  The Texas Department of Public Safety as well as other government agencies issue travel advisories for dangerous areas. Listen to these warnings and avoid areas with high crime rates.    

There are lots of things to consider before a trip and this article just covers a few.  The most important tip is to stop and think.  If it sounds like a bad idea, it is a bad idea and and should not be done!  

Have a fun and more importantly, a safe spring break!