The Commerce Journal

August 15, 2013

Congratulating CISD

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — When change comes, it does not always necessarily mean it will be for the better.

But this time, I believe it is.

With the recent hires of Heather Kilgore, Charles Alderman, Carie Sturch and David Welch to the Commerce Independent School District system, I think I am warranted in saying I’m confident that the district will once again meet all Texas Education Agency (TEA) standards, as they have this year.

In fact, I think they will continue to improve next year.

With the rapid advancement of technology, the requirements of technology in the workforce continue to increase.

It only makes sense to hire an instructional technologist to help facilitate teachers in becoming more comfortable teaching with these new learning methods.

Teaching students how to adapt to new methods will help them immensely in the long run in adapting to the ever changing workforce.

Another key element in the workforce is the ability to communicate ideas coherently from one person to another.

That is the main point that Alderman and Starch will collaborate on in their new roles as curriculum director and coordinator of elementary education, respectively.

The two want teachers to collaborate more on effective teaching methods, and to be more engaged with students than they currently are.

I do not think I am isolated in thinking if a student sees a teacher is making a concerted, vested effort in them as a student and a person, they will learn more than from a stereotypical classroom setting.

Many students at CISD grow up in a one-parent household where the parent has to work multiple jobs. This can easily lead to a child growing up in an inconsistent home environment.

That is why I like the enthusiasm and vigor that new CHS Principal David Welch brings to the table.

When I interviewed him, he told me “The key to building stability is consistency. Students need to be able to see the same people in place every day and teaching rigor in instruction.”

Welch not only brings with him the rigorous teaching methods that hold people accountable, I think he will be a consistent, stable figure for students to look up to and want to impress.

Meeting the standards is a good indicator of the work that Superintendent Blake Cooper and the administrators, staff, board members and teachers have vested in the children of this community.

I applaud their efforts and encourage parents and the community to step up and help the district in educating our youths.

I also applaud the students who took responsibility in their schoolwork and had the drive to do well inside and out of the classroom.