The Commerce Journal

June 5, 2013

Robinson bids farewell to Commerce ISD, community

The Commerce Journal

— To the Commerce Community,

I first want to thank CISD and the community for the lovely reception last Thursday afternoon.

 I was overwhelmed with your attendance and good wishes. It was great to visit with people I hadn’t seen in a while.

I have asked myself many times how I could say thank you to a community who so wholeheartedly supports its schools — students, teachers, and administrators.

Every member of this community has in some way contributed to the success and support of our students either through serving on a district or campus committee, serving as a volunteer or mentor, making donations of school supplies and clothing, supporting students by attending fine arts and athletic events, or working with your own students to encourage them to be the best students they could be. Commerce is truly a community that shows up for students.  

For the past 18 years, it has been my honor and privilege to serve the students, teachers, and Commerce community as director of curriculum, special programs, and grants, principal, and assistant principal in Commerce ISD.

Each morning I have been blessed to count myself among the greatest teachers, staff, and people I know — people who love children as much as I do and find joy in teaching every day. It truly has been a labor of love.

Whether I was working on professional development training, a special project, a field trip, or a grant opportunity, I have always had tremendous community support for our students and staff.

I want you to know that I prayerfully considered my decision to accept the director of curriculum position with Royse City ISD.

It is my prayer that this decision will draw on my gifts for curriculum and instruction and also allow me to spend more time with my family.

This decision has not come without much soul-searching and a need to know that Commerce ISD will be well taken care of. You are blessed to have a Board of Trustees who makes teaching and learning a priority.

They make each and every decision against the ruler of what is best for the students and teachers in the district.

You have Mr. Cooper — and he loves kids. It has been a joy to work for him.

When you ask a question and you know the answer will be “Whatever is best for the students” — then you know you have found a true champion for kids. Mr. Cooper is indeed that. From the top of the organizational chart to the bottom, the staff of Commerce ISD cares about kids. I am confident that I am leaving the district in the best of hands.

I truly cannot imagine this labor of love coming to an end. As I reflect on my service here, it is my prayer that I have been a light to paths of success for students and adults and an encourager of good choices for all.

Never again will I influence students or teachers in the same way. I must say that it has truly been a blessing and the fulfillment of a calling I experienced long ago. I am honored to have served in Commerce ISD.

I hope that each of you will always consider me a member of the Commerce team. I hope that my efforts as curriculum director helped to create a strong support system for students and teachers across our district.

Know this — I will never have the opportunity to serve a group quite like the special group you are — you make me proud to be called an educator.

I will continue to pray for your success each day, for the special lives that walk through Commerce school doors every day, and that God will bless your efforts with tremendous success.

I appreciate that you have allowed me to share my heart, my dreams, and my passion for learning. This community has and will continue to be a very important part of my world.

I promise to keep a watchful eye on you. I will be here when you call, pray for you each day, and celebrate your future successes with you.  

Thank you for making a huge difference in my life and in the lives of our children every day.

Continue to carry the torch of learning everywhere you go.    

Julia Robinson serves as director of curriculum, special programs and grants for Commerce ISD.