The Commerce Journal

March 21, 2013

Skatepark would provide more activities for children

Kerry Crews
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — I am writing this letter on behalf of the Commerce skatepark Project. The group of individuals involved with this project is devoted to seeing that our children and young adults have a safe place to ride their skateboards.

As police chief I know firsthand that Commerce is lacking activities for a lot of our children. We have a large number of high school and college-aged kids that enjoy riding their skateboards. Unfortunately, there is not a safe place for experienced skate boarders or those who want to learn to ride.

The individuals involved with skateboarding are limited to boarding on local property owned by businesses, sidewalks, university property and roadways. Numerous business owners refuse to allow them on their property, and skateboarding on university property, roadways and sidewalks are not safe for them or for the citizens/students that utilize that property.

A lot of planning and organization has been put into this project by parents, friends and the skateboarders themselves to design and build a skate park that will be safe and that will meet the needs of local skateboarders, as well as bring kids from all around.

I support the efforts of this group and offer whatever assistance I can to help bring this project to fruition.

Kerry Crews serves as police chief for Commerce.