The Commerce Journal

May 15, 2014

City, organization working toward no kill

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal


Approximately 90 percent of the animals that have gone to the Commerce Animal Shelter since No Kill Hunt County (NKHC) has been volunteering in March have been saved.

Lea Jackson, marketing coordinator of No Kill Hunt County, said it is a hopeful statistic that will prove to be a continual good relationship with the city of Commerce. 

“We had a good meeting with Marc Clayton last week about further cooperation,” she said. 

Since NKHC has been volunteering at the shelter, the shelter has extended its hours to also be open on Saturdays from 1-4 p.m., and NKHC also takes a portion of the animals to their off site adoption at the Tractor Supply in Wylie. 

Jackson said none of this could be done without the volunteers. 

“It’s the board members and the volunteers who are there every weekend,” she said. “When we are able to be there on Saturdays, the animals are able to be socialized.”

Jackson added the shelter has a large back yard where the animals are able to stretch their legs and receive basic manners teaching from the volunteers. The volunteers also clean the beds for the animals on Saturdays. 

NKHC also coordinates with rescue groups, who are able to take some of the animals from the shelter to find homes. 

“That has made a huge impact on the save rate,” she said.

Jackson said one thing the organization is always in need of is more volunteers. 

“It can be exhausting work,” she said, adding most of the workers at NKHC are volunteers who also have full-time jobs. 

Jackson said many leadership opportunities are available at the organization, including volunteers to foster animals, volunteer at the shelter on Saturdays, and to help with the off site adoptions. 

The organization now has a website at and a Facebook page at No Kill Hunt County and Surrounding areas. Since their website is currently under construction, Jackson said the best way to get in contact with the organization to volunteer is by sending them a personal message on their Facebook page.

Jackson said she is glad Commerce has been working with them to help the animals at the shelter.

“The fact that the city of Commerce is working to increase the adoption rate is not only a good reflection of Hunt County and Commerce, but also word is getting out that Commerce is doing the right thing,” she said. 

Commerce City Manager Marc Clayton echoed Jackson’s sentiments, and added the partnership has been running smoothly.

“I consider this overall to be working,” he said. “Things are going well.”

Clayton said the organization stepped up big time and manned the shelter with volunteers when the current worker had to go out of town.

“They stepped up and volunteered,” he said. 

Clayton said he would like to see a continued partnership between the city and NKHC. 

“I want us to continue working with each other,” he said. “We all share the same goal.”