The Commerce Journal

February 19, 2014

Running for the nations

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — Downtown Commerce will be connected with the nations on April 5.

Commerce Community Church (C3) is hosting its fourth annual Run for the Nations 5K event at 8 a.m., where they raise funds to send members on mission trips across the world.

Joshua Miller, event organizer, said the event has been able to raise funds to help people in need.

“We’ve seen fruit come through this work,” he said.

Through the years the church has held the 5K, it has sent members to places such as Eastern Asia, kazakhstan and Morocco.

“In some ways I call it the baby of our church,” he said, adding he was involved in the first mission teams that were sent through the Run for the Nations 5K.

Miller said instead of sending people from C3 on short trips to new places, the church sends its members to places where missionaries have been rooted in for the long term to support them and encourage them in their work.

“I have been involved in short-term missions to refresh people who are on long-term missions,” he said. “That’s really important that we’re on a trip that has foundation in people who are invested in long-term missions.”

For the past three years, the 5K has had anywhere between 70 and 110 runners in the race.

Miller said he expects at least 100 this time around.

Miller said the church likes to lead by example as most of the members of the church sign up to run and volunteer in the race.

“We support it not only with helping to put it on, but also financially,” he said.

The symbolism of running a physical race and living life encourages Miller to continue to run in the 5K, Miller said.

“We’re running a race together,” he said. “I’m running the long race with my fellow brothers and sisters.”

Registration for the event is $30. For more information on the event, visit