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July 8, 2014

Pastor reflects on 30 years serving Commerce church



“It’s just a lovely congregation of people,” he said. “They are united in anything that’s going on.”

The congregation has grown in the years he was pastor, and he was involved with 12 different building projects in the 30 years of preaching. 

As a way to raise funds, the church hosts a yearly bazaar that helps fund their outreach and building projects. 

The congregation showed their love for Dittmar when his wife died on Aug. 21, 2006. 

Velma had been an active member of the Commerce community. 

“Velma had worked at Texas A&M University-Commerce for several years,” he said.

In his trying time, Dittmar said the congregation poured out nothing but love on him, supporting him as he dealt with the tragedy. 

“They were there praying for us and doing whatever they could do,” he said. “They were very supportive.”

It is that kind of love which brought Dittmar to the church, and it is that kind which will keep the congregation thriving long after he steps down. 

The church recently had a ceremony celebrating the 30 years of him pastoring the church. 

With a congregation so loving, Dittmar said it shows what kind of people they are.

“They’re just a lovely group of people,” he said. 

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