The Delphian Club of Commerce met Nov. 12 in the home of Dorothy Hopkins. The meeting was called to order by President Dorothy Hopkins. Minutes were approved as read. Billie Mills gave the thought for the day about being thankful for all of God’s blessings.

The program was given by Bosie Boswell who talked abut birding. The club discussed several kinds of birds in this area. Refreshments were served by hostess Dorothy Hopkins and Patricia Thornton. The club was dismissed by reading the Collect.


The Delphian Club of Commerce met Dec. 3 in the First Baptist Church parlor. Dorothy Hopkins, president, had a short business meeting and Barbara Kersey announced the program, “Seasons of Joy,” with each member reminiscing about Christmas when they were children.

Billie Biggerstaff led the group with game-playing and gifts were exchanged. Refreshments were served by Billie Mills and Neva Young.

Collect was repeated and the club was dismissed.