Chamber of Commerce

A pair of round planters, pictured here flanking the front door of the Commerce Chamber of Commerce office downtown, were taken from the property over the weekend. The Chamber has filed a report with police over the incident.

A police report has been filed and security footage is being reviewed to determine who took off with a pair of planters that were placed outside of the offices of the local Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber posted a photo of the missing 30-gallon planters on its Facebook page Sunday, saying that they were gone from the front of the building and that they would have been taken some time between Friday and Sunday afternoon.

Chamber Executive Director Paul Voss said that a report was filed with the Commerce Police Department, and that security footage from the area will be checked for any leads.

Voss expressed some incredulity as to why someone would pull off such a seedy endeavor.

“I don’t know if it was a prank or anything else,” Voss said. “All I know is that I’m going to need to get some new ones.”

Voss did find a bit of humor in the situation, saying “I don’t know why they didn’t go after the hanging potted plants out front. You just have to take those off of the hangers, its much easier.”

If anyone has information regarding the incident, contact the Commerce Police Department at 903-886-1139.