Nearly half of the city's fleet of vehicles have been replaced since the adoption of a new leasing program.

The City of Commerce has been seeing significant savings due to its fleet program that has seen close to two-dozen of its vehicles replaced in the last year.

In May of 2018, the city entered into an agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management to replace the city’s vehicles with new leased ones. This move was explained as a way to update the city’s fleet of vehicles at a much lower cost than outright buying new ones, and to save on maintenance costs as well. So far, according to the city, that has been going according to plan.

In an email from the city, it was revealed that the city has downsized its fleet by 20 vehicles.

“After a complete evaluation of the existing fleet, we reduced our total number of fleet, eliminating under utilized vehicles within our fleet taking our total number of vehicles from 65 to 45,” the email read. “We were able to replace 22 vehicles within the first full year of the plan.”

Under the plan, the remaining 23 vehicles would be replaced over the next four years. After that, the vehicles replaced this year will be replaced with new ones, and the cycle would continue, drastically cutting down the life-cycle for the city’s fleet.

The newer vehicles bring savings with regard to maintenance costs as well, with the city claiming that thousands of dollars have been saved already in the first year of the program.

“The biggest actualized savings we have received from the program is in the area of maintenance cost,” the city email read. “For emergency vehicles, prior 12 months to the agreement - $25,956. In the first 12 months of the agreement we’ve spent $4,732. [For] non-emergency vehicles, prior - $37,896. Now - $12,078.”

The city says that the benefits of the fleet replacement system are clear.

“Acquiring reliable, new vehicles for the city employees are instrumental for increased efficiency for all of our employees,” the email read.