The local Walmart will cease 24-hour operation some time in the next month, a store employee said.

UPDATE: This story was updated at 4:01 p.m.on 4/23/19 with information about the store's new hours and the changeover date. This update also adds quotes from community members.

The local Walmart will be 24 no more, as the store will cease 24-hour operation in the near future.

According to a local store employee on April 16, the store will be shifting away from 24/7 service. That same employee said that the reason for the change was that the Commerce Walmart does not make more than $60 million in a year, adding that other stores in small towns that fit that description are also making the change.

Another employee confirmed on Tuesday that the store will cease 24-hour operation beginning on April 27, and the store's new hours will be 6 a.m. to midnight.

Community members made their voices heard upon the original announcement being made.

A comment on the Commerce Journal Facebook page from Judy Potts read: "My fave time to shop 2-5am." Another comment from Lucy Desiree on Facebook stated: "Now Commerce is more dead than it already is."

The change could hit students at Texas A&M University-Commerce especially hard, as the late-night Walmart run was an experience shared by many students.

Some students, like Jose Cruz, said that he may have to change up his schedule, as he needed to shop at Walmart late at night many times due to a full daily workload.

"I don't like it," Cruz said. "I'm going to have to change my daily schedule to make it before they close."

Others don't frequently shop late at night, but say that they still think the change can negatively affect a good number of people.

"I commute from Dallas, so I'm not here everyday," said student Jeremiah Briscoe. "But there aren't many options in Commerce that are open late, so people might want to go to the store to get something to cook or a snack, so I think it should stay open."