MLK awards

Aliana Johnson read a poem titled “Living the Dream of MLK” during the MLK awards ceremony in 2019.

13 is a lucky number for some folks as the list of honorees was recently announced for the 13th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Awards in Commerce.

The awards have been given out every January by the Hunt County African American Leadership Conference since 2008.

Continuing the setup from last year, the honorees are place in a single category, rather than multiple specific awards such as the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, King’s Kids award, Spirit of Service, etc., as had been done in previous ceremonies. 

Last year Dr. LaVelle Hendricks, president of the HCAALC, said that the awards are given to people “who have demonstrated their compassion, perseverance, courage, and leadership by engaging in the difficult work of fostering human dignity and our common humanity through their projects, programs, and visions.”

In a letter to award recipients, Hendricks said that the award “commemorates your voice on social issues, outstanding achievements, personal standard of spiritual excellence, and community involvement. Like Dr. King, you seek justice and total equality for everyone.”

The ceremony will be held at 2:30 p.m. on Jan. 19 at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, located at 202 Champion Lane in Commerce. It is free and open to the public.

The honorees are:

Brad Caldwell, Kendall Carter, Roland Hoang, Savannah Shaw, Malik Harrison, Marley Flanagan, Logan Bruister, Airyauna Mushonga, Sameeha Mumshad, Maria Diaz, Taron Green, Courtney Freeman, Cameron Harris, Ashley Shipman, Luz Ortiz, Jordyn Dowdy, Caleb Glover, Peyton Bostick, Jamie Brockway, Noah Pullen, Justin O’Neal, Aliana Johnson, Jason Burton, Shonda Harris, Shana Pannell, Delores Relford, Allie Mae Champion, Charles Neal, Patricia Neal, Malachi Clark, David Howard, Larry Clark, Freddy Roberts, Zay Brown, Willie Crosby, Dana Cuba-Tinnell, John Brown, Greg Armstrong, Anthony Figueroa, James Scott, Darren Anderson, Rev. Terry Holley, Jimmy Gaffney, Robert Cruthird Sr., Stacey Essix, Denise Benton, Taniya Cozine, Tina Bronson, Patti Tramble, Joe Davis, Scott Wilson, Anthony Henry, Kathleen Hooten, Ray Green, Mark Reid, Sarah Jones, Alice Dizer, Ron Dizer.

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