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COMMERCE — Uniforms say a lot about a team. Old, ragged uniforms may mean that team does not have support from the school or community. But new ones mean the team is loved and cared for.

The Commerce Independent School District Special Olympics team has new uniforms.

The Special Olympics team at Commerce ISD is a volunteer based organization.

Terry Buckley, leader of the Commerce ISD Special Olympics program, said the team had not had a unified look for some time, which was something she wanted for her students.

Buckley had expressed interest in new uniforms, and that’s when the members of the Sigma Chi Fraternity answered the call.

“We were excited when several of the Sigma Chi Fraternity members, led by Andru Cantera, fraternity member and brother of two of our athletes, came to us and said they would like to provide track suits for our team,” she said.

John Walker, fraternity member and finance manager for Commerce ISD, helped set up the Sigma Chi fundraiser that raised more than $1,000 for the new “Champions By Choice” unified track suits for the team.

“They didn’t have to because they are already committed to two organizations,” Buckley said. “They went above and beyond.”

Buckley said by having the team get new uniforms, it frees her to focus more on the events, including the first Special Olympics meet held in Commerce.

“It was one less project off my plate of things to do,” she said. “We will be participating in four track meets this season, plus our own. It will be held on April 16 at Memorial Stadium.”

Buckley said the team has been blessed by the school district and leaders from the business community in Commerce.

“We’ve been very lucky that the district supports us,” she said.

According to Buckley, each time her team suits up for a competition, she will always remember the kindness shown to them by members of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

“It is one of the grandest gestures ever,” she said. “I want them to look and feel better than any other out there.”

To make a donation, contact Terry Buckley at 903-886-0816 or Misty Belcher at 903-336-0850.

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