Power was cut off to a section of the city on a cold, snowy night when a car collided with a utility pole on Park Street Monday evening.

According to Commerce Police Chief Kerry Crews, a vehicle with four people inside crashed into a utility pole in front of the Commerce Post Office around 8:30 p.m. Three occupants of the vehicle fled on foot while the fourth was taken to Presbyterian Hospital of Greenville with a head injury.

Crews said power was out for one to two hours.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Michael Young, 19, of Emory. The passenger taken to the hospital was David Siebenthaler, 19, also of Emory.

Crews identified the other two occupants as Jon Eakin and Selena Young, both of Emory.

“The driver, were pretty sure, had a head injury, but we’re not sure what the extent was,” Crews said.

Injuries were unknown for the other two people in the vehicle who fled the scene.

Michael Young voluntarily turned himself over to Commerce Police the next day.

“Alcohol is suspected in this accident,” Crews said.

In another incident, a tractor trailer collided with a four-door dually truck around midnight Tuesday morning on Highway 24 near Benson Brothers Wrecker Service.

“Luckily no one was hurt, but it did do extensive damage to the dually,” Crews said. “The tractor trailer hit the back door of it, but if he had hit the front door, the driver’s door where the driver was sitting at, it would have hurt him very bad if not killed him.

“They were both out walking around, but it could have been very bad.”

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