Randy Meeks and Richard Hill will spend the next few weeks duking it out — trying to drum up the needed support that will win one of the men Hunt County’s Republican Sheriff nomination.

Because neither Hill or Meeks won the majority of the vote, the two will have to compete in an April 8 run off election in order to receive the Republican nomination for Hunt County sheriff.

With all votes counted, Meeks won 3,828 votes or 48.20 percent of the total. Hill took 2,909 or 36.63 percent. The third Republican candidate, Robert White, won 1,205 votes or 15.17 percent.

But both Hill and Meeks were not surprised at the outcome. Both said it was the expected outcome in a heated, three-man race for sheriff.

“I was hoping we could win it without a run-off, but we came really close,” Meeks said. “I was very pleased by the results. I think if we can get our people back out to vote, I believe we’ll be the winner of the run off.”

Hill also said he was excited by the outcome.

“I’m excited about the fact that I’m in the run off with Randy Meeks,” Hill said. “We’ll be focusing on the issues in the Sheriff’s Office.”

Both said they are already planning for the next month. Hill said he plans to focus on the issues facing the Sheriff’s Office and is pleased that the attention will be focused almost exclusively on that race. The only other race heading to a run-off is for Precinct 1 commissioner.

“I’m gearing up,” Hill said. “We’re excited and we’re looking forward to it.”

Meeks said he was already meeting with his supporters Tuesday night to plan the next stage.

“We feel real happy with the number we had,” Meeks said. “We’re just ready to go back to work.”

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