Parts from an aircraft engine which reportedly fell on Hunt County in November are still being sought.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a statement Wednesday indicating that while some parts of the engine have been recovered, significant parts are still missing. The search area where the remains might be located has been widened.

According to a NTSB statement released in December, pieces of the fan blades and the spinner separated from the No. 2 engine on a Nov., 17, 2007 Southwest Airlines flight aircraft while the jet flew over Hunt County at an altitude of 25,000 feet.

None of the 133 passengers or five crewmembers on board the aircraft were injured. The crew shut down the damaged engine and returned safely to Dallas on power from the No. 1 engine. In addition to the damage to the engine and its housing components, the aircraft sustained minor damage to the fuselage.

An analysis conducted by NTSB engineers indicated the debris most likely fell in an area 0.4 miles wide and 1.7 miles long on private property.

Area landowners reportedly supplied the NTSB with engine parts they had discovered in January, although the engine spinner — said to be key to the investigation — is still among the parts reported missing.

The spinner is located on the front of the engine and is up to 22 inches wide by nine inches deep, according to the NTSB. Depending on its condition, the spinner can weigh up to 18 pounds.

The area of privately-owned land where the parts are still believed to be located is defined by the following coordinates, according to the NTSB:

— The northeast corner of the intersection of the South Sulfur River to Farm-To-Market Road 3218.

— The southeast corner of the intersection of FM 1568 and 3218.

— The northwest corner of County Road 4400 and 4401.

— The southwest corner of the Intersection of FM 2736/County Road 4203.

Because the engine parts and the exact location of discovery are essential to the investigation, the NTSB is asking anyone who may find the parts not to handle them, but instead mark the place where they were discovered and then contact the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office at 903-453-6800.

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