Skate park

The new skate park (pictured here on May 28) and the rest of the expansion to Centennial Park is nearing completion according to a city statement.

The ongoing expansion to Commerce’s Centennial Park is mostly complete, according to a city statement.

The 13-acre expansion to Centennial Park on the southeast side of town will include a concrete skate park, nine-hole disc golf course and a walking trail. The contract for the skate park and disc golf course was awarded to M-Pak, based out of Royse City, in a City Council meeting in October of 2018, while the walking trail is being done in-house with the pledged help of Hunt County.

A statement sent by the city regarding the progress of the project stated that the skate park is 90-percent complete, needing only supplemental work such as resodding the area and making an access sidewalk.

“The skatepark is 90% complete. The contractor estimates they will finish up filling in the installation cavities around the precast elements, pouring the access sidewalk, and dirt work and re-sodding around the skatepark, next week, weather permitting,” the statement, which was not attributed to a single city employee, said. “The solar lighting will occur in the next few weeks. At that point the skatepark will be complete.”

According the the response, the disc golf course is also “mostly complete,” with eight of the nine tee boxes complete and all posts for baskets installed.

“The baskets need to be mounted,” the statement said. “The last tee box will be poured after the dirt work around the skatepark is completed, due to the proximity to the skatepark.”

In addition, the city’s response stated that both the city and county are “working together to finalize necessary agreements regarding the pledged materials for the construction of the trail.”

The biggest lingering question for the project was if it would be finished by July 15. That date is the deadline for the project as stipulated in a grant agreement with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, with the grant totaling $75,000 to pay for the expansion.

In the statement, the city says that while “all parties involved in the project are working diligently to meet the July deadline,” that TPWD is allowing the city to file paperwork for a funding extension. The funding can be extended up to 12 months, if necessary, the city says.