Aubrey Clayton (seated) and her freshman English teacher Paul Clark look over a recent issue of the Commerce Journal. Clayton wishes to start a newspaper of her own at Commerce High School.

It’s not something you see too often nowadays in today’s world of social media, but one young student at Commerce High School has aspirations to start a newspaper at her school.

Aubrey Clayton is finishing up her freshman year at CHS, and said that she was looking for an outlet. Something to do that wasn’t related to academics or athletics.

“I just wanted something new to do,” Clayton said.

She adds that a friend of her family is a professional writer, and that she herself has a love of writing. That is what led her to her conclusion.

“I want to start a newspaper. I’ve really been pursing this idea on my own,” Clayton said.

So in recent weeks she has been researching, and soliciting help from teachers and her fellow students on how to go about this venture. Paul Clark, Clayton’s freshman English teacher at CHS, signed on to become her sponsor.

“I think this idea has a great chance to be successful,” Clark said. “Aubrey has really taken charge and has done a lot of work already.”

Clayton began passing out flyers at school to solicit help from any students who might want to join the staff. She says that while she hopes to get the funding and support to make a print edition in the future, for now she says she is working with teachers to create a website for the publication.

As for what the site will focus on, Clayton says that she wants to have a focus on her fellow students.

“It’s always special to be recognized,” Clayton said. “I want this to be a one-stop-shop for news at CHS.”

Clayton has also been reaching out to journalists and others in the media industry for tips on how to start her venture, and has gotten some responses already. Clark adds that what she is doing is pretty inspiring.

“It really is inspiring to see how much interest she has in this,” Clark said.

“My hope for this paper is to create something that our students and our school can be proud of,” Clayton said.

The CHS freshman says she wants to have everything up and running by the beginning of the next school year.