Two juveniles confessed to the vandalism at Rosemound Cemetery that occurred last month.

The Commerce Police Department announced in a statement this week that two juvenile suspects have confessed to the vandalism of a local cemetery last month.

According to CPD, two juvenile suspects were identified in a criminal mischief case that occurred at Commerce’s Rosemound Cemetery on June 2.

About 20 grave markers had been vandalized with blue spray paint. Most markers had the names of the deceased painted over, with some of the markers bearing vulgar language and references to the “Crips,” a notorious American street gang that prominently features blue as its color of choice.

The Journal received a tip from someone who visited the cemetery and found the vandalism. The tipster, “Jake,” called it a senseless, reprehensible act at the time.

“It’s really messed up that someone would do this,” he told the Commerce Journal. “These are people who can’t do anything to defend themselves.”

According to a CPD statement, since then two juvenile suspects were interviewed by Commerce police and confessed to the crime. The statement goes on to state that the case is being forwarded to the County attorney’s office for prosecution. The identities of the suspects were not revealed as they are minors.

Around the time of the vandalism, multiple videos of a fight between a group of adolescents in the cemetery was shared on the social media platform Snapchat. A family member of one of the deceased who’s grave marker was vandalized shared the videos with the Commerce Journal and they were then forwarded to Commerce PD. Police did not immediately say if the altercation showed in the videos had any connection to the vandalism.

In the wake of the news breaking about the offense, several volunteers banded together from both inside and outside of town to help clean up the damage.