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The Commerce Independent School District stated that it was inaccurate when saying that a lockdown of Commerce High School did not take place Monday morning.

The normal school day was interrupted Monday morning at Commerce High School as reports started to come in early Monday that the campus was on lockdown for an unknown reason. The school district later said that no lockdown was issued.

The Commerce Independent School District released a statement on the matter shortly before 9:30 a.m. Monday. The full statement is below:

"Commerce High School held students and staff in place this morning as administrators and law enforcement personnel dealt with a non-compliant student. The student was removed from campus and normal operations at the school resumed.  The incident was isolated and students were never in danger as a result. A lockdown was never issued."

Monday afternoon, however, the district released another statement that said that the first release contained inaccurate information.

"This morning, we rushed to get information out to parents and others as fast as possible.  In doing so, we failed to confirm if a LOCKDOWN had been initiated," the new statement read. "We were told and believed that a 'HOLD IN PLACE' had been initiated instead.  Upon further investigation, it was found that a LOCKDOWN order had indeed been given and was followed by staff and students. Furthermore, it appears that the release of the LOCKDOWN was handled appropriately according to procedures. Everything else in our original tweet is accurate." 

It continued: "CISD Police Department strives to maintain as safe and secure environment as we possibly can. We were mistaken in our original tweet and apologize for the confusion."

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