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If you’ve read some of my recreational writing in one of the fine Herald-Banner publications over the last eight years or so, you probably know I speak in clichés — fluently, I might add.

As many of our wonderful readers know, the Rockwall County Herald-Banner mostly consists of myself acting as managing editor/reporter/photographer with the much-appreciated assistance of ace reporter Jim Hardin — or, as I like to think of him, Father of the Newsroom. 


You know that perception is sometimes one’s worst enemy. What is perceived is not always the iron clad truth. Sometimes there are many reasons for actions that are taken that are unknown and will never really be understood. Our complicated lives are being escalated to a point that we have no…

I’m someone who loves old, charming, historic buildings. That’s why it hurts to say this — Commerce is doing the right thing by bulldozing some of its most dilapidated old houses.


Well, it has been a very fun and enjoyable time writing stories, taking photos, and sharing my opinions with the readers of the Commerce Journal.

Editor’s note: I first ran this opinion piece in 2012. Each year, my perspective changes ever so slightly. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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