The Commerce Journal

June 15, 2012

A thank you from the mayor

The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — To the editor:

Now that the municipal and primary elections are over and before the 90 days leading up to the general election in November begin I would like to take a few minutes to thank the voters of Commerce for going to the polls and exercising their right to vote.

We have a couple of months before the national conventions and then the race for President and other national and state elections. I want to thank the 417 Commerce residents who voted in the municipal election in May.

I was hoping for a larger turnout but that is something the current city council must work on for the next two years, citizen involvement in their city government. Please do not sit back and criticize, get involved. Come to the council meetings on the third Tuesday of each month and participate. The mayor and the council are ready and willing to work with the residents of our city to answer your questions and receive your suggestions. The city government is for the entire city not the mayor and four other members of the city council.

I want to thank those residents who voted for me for mayor and those who helped with the campaign. There are too many to thank individually but there are a few who are directly responsible for my campaign and any success I have had as a candidate.

These include but are not limited to: The Bonham Street Association of Commerce, those friends and neighbors who contributed to the campaign, those who placed campaign signs in their yards, and those who handled the over 360 phone calls to prospective voters. In some instances the same people are included in the above mentioned categories.

From the Bonham Street Association: Dr. Robert Johnson, Sherry Johnson, Shirley Erb, Nila McQuary, Larry and Linda Harper, Judy Grau, Diane McDowell, Sam and Allison Walker, Jerry and Carol Dodd, Alicia Wittkopf, David and Mary Hindman, David and Barbara Hindman, Gaye Furry, the Coe’s and Sue Davis.

There are a couple of friends and neighbors that were instrumental in the success of the campaign. Dr. Robert Johnson acted as co-chair of the campaign along with his wife Sherry. Dr. Johnson doubled as finance chair and Sherry as communication director. Organization is important in any campaign and the Johnson’s are the best.

Many times Bob and Sherry provided information and did the work behind the scenes in the campaign that helped make it successful. They were always ready to critique a suggestion I had and offer many of their own. I am sure my campaign would have been entirely different without their unquestioned support and assistance.

I must also thank Ralph and Alma Moyer for their support and numerous suggestions during the campaign. Ken Moyer was giving and gracious and instrumental in the campaign as he made the Lone Star Eatery in Commerce available for two meet the candidate forums.

My wife Erin and daughter Brianna and sons RJ and Sean were supportive and never shied away from campaign suggestions.

No campaign can be successful without the support of many unnamed workers and supporters. So it is with a municipal election.

I cannot name all the 295 voters who supported my candidacy but I want to thank them for trusting me with the leadership of their city and I can assure them all I will do my best to continue to improve Commerce both environmentally and financially.

Thank you residents of Commerce,

Dr. R. John Ballotti, Jr.