The Commerce Journal

March 5, 2010

Setting fine standard


COMMERCE — To the editor:

To say that I am appalled by Texas A&M-Commerce football players allegedly stealing copies of the East Texan, I am equally appalled, if not more so, by the head football coach's attitude, 'condoning and encouraging' it.

WOW...what a fine standard to set for young men and women.  If members of the football team were arrested for marijuana possession, why is the athletic department so determined to keep it quiet?

 Why stoop so low as to encourage even further criminal activity?  It is, after all, public information.

I graduated from East Texas State University...went there during a time of great pride, when our Lions' football team won the NAIA National Championship and the late former Cowboy great Harvey Martin was on the team.

 I'm sure 'stuff' happened that we never knew about; I doubt seriously, though, criminal activity was encouraged and condoned by any university official. If it happened, I am sure it was dealt with and not tolerated.

 The university owes to its students, faculty, and those who continue to support it a complete, transparent report on this issue, including punishment for ALL concerned, even the coach.

 I support Mr. Bright in his attempts to see justice done and what he is asking is not out of line.

 Thank you,

 Sarah Smith