The Commerce Journal

March 20, 2013

Road reconstruction project under budget, despite additional construction

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — Due to additional construction needed on four streets, Commerce City Council approved HALFF Engineering to amend the contract to include the necessary additions.

According to Brian Haynes, with HALFF, the corner of Harlow Road and Charity needs a 600 ft. storm drain to the creek that runs near Charity, and two retaining walls will need to be re-constructed along Monroe and Lee Streets.

“We are going to advertize construction for the projects and open bids to be approved on the next city council meeting,” he said, adding that construction should begin in mid April for the drain, and the retaining walls on Monroe and Lee Streets will be added along with Phase 2 of the Commerce road construction project.

The retaining walls will be paid for through extra funds from the $3 million bond proceeds the city sold for the project, and the drainage will be paid for through the Sewer R&R funds.

HALFF was the lowest of the five companies that bid for Phase 2 of the street construction project, which begins October 2013 and includes the re-construction of Monroe Street from Walnut to Greenville Street, and Stonwall Street from Byan to Monroe Street.

The city council approved their base bid of just under $3 million.

Even though the price of asphalt has risen in the past few years, the project is still nearly $52,000 under budget.

HALFF will be using Quality Excavation for the project.

Haynes said HALFF has used the company several times in the past, with great success.

“I’m pleased to tell you they’ve [Quality Excavation] finished every bid on time and under budget,” he said.