The Commerce Journal

September 17, 2013

Food throwing ends in criminal trespass for students

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — That is not how you treat a lady.

On Sept. 11, Texas A&M University-Commerce police were dispatched to the area of Pride Rock and Whitley Hall for a possible fight in progress.

The officer arrived at Whitley and spoke with a student Kelandria Hackworth, who said a male student had called her a derrogatory term and had thrown food at her.

While speaking with her, the alleged perpetrator, Jonothan Joe came up and Hackworth identified him as such.

According to the officer, Jonathan told him Hackworth had confronted him at the Rayburn Student Center Cafeteria and had proceeded to follow him while cussing and yelling.

After getting the information from Jonathan, Hackworth told the officer she had been hit in the head with a rock. The Commerce Fire Department and American Medical Response were called out but she refused treatment or transportation to the hospital.

Upon inspection, the officer could not find any visible marks or injuries on Hackworth.

The officer approached Jonathan about allegedly throwing a rock and he denied throwing anything other than a piece of meatloaf at her.

Another witness arrived, Janell Woods-Brown, and said the altercation had begun the day prior when Jonathan called her a derrogatory term and threw pieces of a pop tart at the cafeteria.

Brown said Hackworth proceeded to allegedly chase Jonathan from the cafeteria to Pride Rock.

Both Hackworth and Jonathan were issued criminal tresspass letters for portions of Whitley Hall. Hackworth is forbidden from the 12th floor and Jonathan was issued a tresspass letter for the seventh floor of Whitley.